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2018-2019 Membership

Conference Information Package

Date: 25th June, 2018

To assist you with planning your next social Golf Day or Function at APCGC, we have collated this information pack, complete with venue information and course details. The versatility of our indoor functions areas enables us to cater for groups large or small.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Competition Policy - Visiting Golf Players

Date: 25th June, 2018

The Club's policy on visitors playing in our comps does not target any club.  All that is required is that a visitor play at least 5 of their last 20 games listed on Golf Link at their home Club.
Any visitor who does not comply is still welcome to join a competition field and play golf at Antill Park and he/she will be handicapped through GolfLink, but is not eligible to win any prizes. They will not be classed as Disqualified.
The logic behind the policy is that any person who joins a regional club to avoid paying higher annual fees at a local club, should not expect to enjoy all of the benefits of members of the local club who pay for the facilities used by the visitor.  Genuine members of other clubs should not be affected when visiting Antill Park and, or course, social golfers are unaffected by the policy and are welcome as always.
If all clubs implemented a similar policy to that of Antill Park, it may help arrest our declining memberships and consequent loss of essential revenue.  In the meantime however, we are prepared to act on a matter of principle in the hope that it will be adopted by others and be for the eventual betterment of golf club members everywhere.

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